Trying To Find The Best Local SEO Companies? Look No Further. We Get Businesses To The Top Of Google Everyday, Are You Next?

Using specialist SEO tools and cutting-edge local digital technology solutions we deliver SEO Services with a difference, with our company you won’t get any of the usual fluff or BS that has become the norm when dealing with lots of SEO companies, we are analytical and let our search results do the talking.  

We’re Not Like The Other Local SEO Companies, We’re Your Partner

We partner with your business to create custom SEO and Google Ads search campaigns that drive traffic and deliver qualified leads or e-commerce traffic to propel your growth. Phoenix Agency becomes an extension of your team, aligned with your business goals.

Why Our Clients Come To Us



"Our company website produces little to no leads"


"We have no idea how to get our brand in front of our local audience"


"We've tried Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Ads before but it hasn't worked"


"We're not getting as much website traffic as we would like"


"We've developed lots of new optimised content but still our local competitors with less SEO content are ahead of us"


"When I search for our company on Google, we are no where to be seen"

Here’s How We Can Help You


Increase website traffic

Identify how your audience are using Google and develop a plan to get your brand infront of them

Drive qualified traffic or increase e-commerce traffic

Optimise your website for conversions to produce more leads

Get your website found for the right keyword searches

Analyse your competitors and roll out a plan to overtake them in search




Why Our Clients Choose Us As Their Preferred SEO Expert Out Of All Local SEO Companies!


Cookie-cutter SEO packages is not how our Agency rolls. Every campaign is created from in-depth research and data to ensure the best outcomes. Our specialists develop search engine campaigns tailored to your business and goals.


Strategic partners in your success. Tap into Phoenix’s specialist team of talented, tenacious and experienced SEO consultants and digital marketers.


Innovative bespoke campaigns, data-driven, strategic thinking and proven tactics that work to achieve real search engine optimisation results. Ask us for examples of results.

Australian Owned 

Support Local SEO Companies

Our team members have been serving Australian businesses with competitive customised digital search campaigns for more than 10 years. We manage Google SEO and Ads search campaigns all over Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide and everywhere else in between. Keeping Google Ads & SEO services local is something Phoenix SEO agency is incredibly proud of.

What You Can Expect From A Local Phoenix SEO specialist

10+ Years Experience

At Phoenix, we are a group of local SEO companies that have a team of SEO specialists who have the drive and tailored strategies to move your website to the Holy Grail, page one of the biggest search engine on earth, Google.

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, which is the process of improving rankings for ‘free,’ ‘organically,’ or ‘naturally.’ This involves optimising your webpages, including blog posts by using keywords associated with your business. Google and other popular search engines have what they call primary search results, which is where webpages and other content is ranked by what is most relevant to users. Search results in this format are likely to be viewed 8.5 times more than paid ads.

Essentially, SEO is quite a simple concept, but it is the execution that makes it complicated and requires the expertise of SEO specialists. Choice of keywords is not simply pulled out of a hat but carefully researched and has authority. When it comes down to it, Google and other popular search engines need to know that your website is trusted and your clients can find your products and services easily.


Other Specialist Digital Marketing Services


Although we are a specialist SEO agency, we do offer a range of add on digital marketing and web design services for our existing clients to further add to their online growth efforts. 

Google Ads

Web Design

Conversion Optimisation

Google My Business Optimisation

What's Included In Your Free SEO Audit And Custom Growth Roadmap?

Phoenix SEO Agency consultants identify fixes you can make to improve your organic search to achieve top website rankings for keywords that will drive the right traffic to your website.

This way you can try us out for free, no sales gimmicks, no tacky SEO agency BS, no catches… just real bespoke SEO services developed by our specialist digital agency to drive the best SEO results for your business.

SEO Keyword Strategy

An effective bespoke SEO campaign begins with the right keyword strategy. Whether you've been plugging away at SEO for years or you're just starting out, we can review your existing organic keyword strategy or build a strategy from scratch. To determine the right keywords we'll perform market demand research, look at what your audience are typing into Google, identify keywords working well for competitors and so much more. 

Website SEO Content Review

We’ll audit all content on your website to identify areas for improvement. This includes not only your main website pages but auditing your blog as well to ensure that your content is the right length and optimised correctly for keywords and SEO. Beyond this, you can expect to see in your report if the content headings are properly organised with H1,H2 tags and so on as well as looking at schema markup opportunities.

Website SEO Technical Review

We will look at all critical areas that could be negatively impacting your search engine visibility. Areas we look at are website speed, URL formats, SSL certificate, title tags, meta descriptions, sitemaps, internal linking and the list goes on. You can expect to receive a report of all key onpage SEO factors that require your attention so you can improve your search engine rankings.

SEO Link Strategy

We’ll discover all links pointing to your Website to identify what links are helping your SEO efforts and even links that are not helping your search engine rankings. In your report you’ll receive an overview of the quality of existing links and recommendations on improving your back link portfolio for the best SEO results.

Hiring A Local Phoenix SEO Specialist Will Get Your Companies Increased Exposure

skyrocket your growth online

Bringing in the right type of traffic to your website requires nailing SEO and getting in line with Google algorithms to win more consumers. It sounds like a competition doesn’t it! Essentially, it is, our local SEO companies are in competition with Google rankings and other websites within your niche.
Our team has the knowledge and experience to remain aware of algorithm changes to keep up-to-date and continue moving your business forward. They also research what keywords other successful businesses within your industry are using and work with these to act upon building traffic to your site.
We grow your brand and increase your revenue by getting the right attention to your website. This means that we want to reach customers that are going to interact and purchase from your site. Our thorough keyword and website audit enables us to analyse how your site is performing and how your current format is working for you. This includes understanding who is visiting your website, how many and what they are doing while they are there. Once we have this targeted information, we can build on strategy from there, so your website is not only ranking higher but is converting more visitors.

Results Driven Local SEO Company 

skyrocket your growth online

As your local SEO companies, we dig deep into discovering everything we can about your ideal audience and your niche market. It enables us to create a road map of how we can best get to the people that are searching for your products and services. With this understanding and our knowledge of Google’s changing algorithms; we are realistic in our strategy, which isn’t about making promises for instant results. SEO takes time and done right will lead to better outcomes for you.

As a results-driven team, local SEO Companies Phoenix is with you long term and is a core part of our strategy for best practice. We don’t use shortcuts, and our ongoing feedback and maintenance ensure that you are getting the best possible outcomes for your business. We don’t walk you blindly through your campaign but keep communication open and encourage ongoing consultation together.

Our highly experienced team will develop the right content and keywords based on these results and is a vital component to reaching the holy grail.

The team at your local SEO companies wants to work with you to optimise your ‘organic’ marketing plans by curating a highly successful campaign tailored to your business. We want to share with you how passionate we are about working towards finding the right SEO keywords to elevate your ranking in Google. We are a specialised industry of bespoke marketing, where our knowledge is key to your ongoing success and visibility. We invite you to get a free audit or ask us for examples of our results and welcome you to move forward with us at local SEO companies that do things a little different but with a lot of passion. 

If you want strategic partners that offer you success and can restructure your online strategy, then tap into our team of experienced and creative SEO Specialists. Let us find the right combination for your online marketing strategy to deliver the very best results.


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